Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mayor absent from "tax collector" workshop ; legal troubles ensue for city

At the recent special Laredo city council meeting to select a tax-collecting firm, Mayor Raul Salinas was nowhere to be found.  Now, the city faces another legal quandary.  Mayor Pro-tem Johnny Rendon voted when he wasn't supposed to.  City attorney Raul Casso blames himself for not advising Rendon that, whenever he is serving as Mayor Pro-tem, he's doesn't get a vote-according to policy.

Incidentally, Rendon has served many times as Pro-tem and Laredotejas now is wondering how many unwarranted votes he's cast in all those other times in which he played the figurehead. More importantly,how many items have been either passed or rejected due to Rendon's votes, which in retrospect might not have been legal at all?

As far as the whereabouts of the Mayor, LT was unable to substantiate rumors that he was sighted at a local cross fit gym-warehouse giving a few over-sized tires the ol' heave-ho!

Photo of mayor performing herculean feats appears courtesy of Bordertown BLues.

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