Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why won't our city "leaders" fix downtown's Bruni Plaza?

[Bruni Plaza Fountain]
Laredo's Bruni Plaza circa 1970s

I'm sure that there will be a myriad of complicated reasons why the Bruni Plaza water fountain in Downtown Laredo cannot be repaired and made operational.  The city has spent $300,000 on a downtown revitalization study that has gone nowhere. It has taxed citizens to build, first the $40 million Laredo Entertainment Center and now the $18 million baseball park. So, with so much money being spent so unwisely, why not give downtown a much-needed boost (any boost would help) and make the plaza a little bit more attractive to those that still go downtown?

Is it because a lot of homeless frequent the area and the city is afraid they'll jump in the water?  Is it because no votes are to gained and not bigwigs impressed?  With common sense and self-respect rapidly dwindling among our city leaders, why won't anyone make even the smallest gesture to improve one of our oldest downtown landmarks?  It's embarrassing to our city to have Bruni Plaza in such disarray. It's a shame that we have such a shameless bunch running our town.


  1. Even if the fountain was not restored to its former glory, the plaza could easily be restored with some eye-catching landscaping. The rose bushes on the Washington St. side were pruned away but nothing new was added.

    Also, the St. Peter's Plaza needs a makeover. That plaza could be turned into a skate plaza/playground. It's not being used to its full potential.


  2. The DT revitalization studies cost was well over $300,000 in tax payer money, closer to $400,000. It was just another true fleecing of Laredo. To call our city leaders a "shameless bunch" is putting it way too mildly.

  3. With library branches opening up around the city, why not re-open this one as well? It would most definitely benefit the surrounding neighborhoods.

  4. Excellent Points. I agree even modest (by comparison to other wasted money projects) upgrades to Bruni & St. Peters would make downtown a lot more attractive. On the revitalization, I kept asking myself "$300,000 for what"? I attended those meetings and they were a joke from the get-go. Kell-Munoz must have perfected the formula to scalp unsuspecting towns. Although, the mayor and cronies knew exactly what was going on. As far as libraries, they don't want an enlightened populace. That's why they've done away with the "amnesty" month (April) to return books w/out fines & they've raised fees. Bola de Brutos.

  5. But it's not what they want, it's what you (we) want. >_<