Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just as always, only North Laredo's point of view is considered

The geo-centric Pro 8 News building in North Laredo

Most times, one thing you cant count on is that Pro8news is a little bit too lazy. Over and over, the only "pulse" they take of public opinion is restricted to their own neighborhood, namely, the North side.  Today was no exception. After Mayor Salinas' laughable "State of the City" address, KGNS took off with their cameras in tow to -where else?- the US post office on Del Mar. 

Not surprisingly, some of the people actually spoke well of the city's "state". A woman said that Laredo was a "nice" city and "well-run". Obviously (as the mayor loves to say), she doesn't live in the part of town that was essentially without water on the same day as the Mayor's comedy act.  Adding insult to injury, thousands of more Laredoans were without AT&T Internet service. This includes many businesses that have come to rely on the service as part of their daily dealings.  Also, the downtown merchants were, reportedly, very unhappy with the Mayor's take that everything is "honky dory". That's a quick three strikes for the Mayor.

 Even  Chamber of Commerce President Miguel Conchas gave a sort of back-sided swat to the Mayor's claim that Laredo, at present, is "better than ever".  Conchas was featured on tonight's news broadcast correctly saying that the Gateway economy is not now as good as it was "back in 2008".  Guacatelas!

Next time, Pro8news might want to go a little bit further to the West, East or South sides to get a better picture of what Laredoans really think of their city government.  As things now stand, about the only thing we "can count on" with Pro8news is that they will continue to interview only their fellow North-siders.

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  1. They pulled a "Belmares?" Too comical.