Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Webb County still doing the "mess around"

Unbelievably, the Webb County Commissioners still don't clearly see the "mess" they're in. Texas Department of Housing and Community affairs Director Michael DeYoung had this to say about the current fiasco engulfing the county's CAA weatherization program. From The Laredo Morning Times:

De Young said all 78 files had significant gaps in documentation; multiple homes had inadequate work performed by contractors, he said. “I have never written a report that has 78 files in error,” De Young said. He cleared up any uncertainty over whether the county could receive state funds for any of those homes.

“If these houses were reported for reimbursement, I am unable to approve one dollar for reimbursement,” he said.

He said none of the homes should have received as much work or an energy audit without proper determination of the eligibility of the resident or home.

Nevertheless, right on the heels of such an absolute rejection of the contractors' work, commissioner Sciaraffa had this to say:

“If we can pinpoint the specific houses and specific contractors, I think we’ll be able to come to a conclusion on whether we should pay contractors or not,” Sciaraffa said.
Terco! Sciaraffa still wants to pay someone in the middle of all this mess. There's probably a lot more coming up on this entire debacle.  Month in and month out, one things is for sure: Webb County continues undeterred in insisting to keep on "doing the mess around"!

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