Sunday, June 5, 2011

Commercial promotes obesity and swearing all in one

A new commerical for Oreo Cremes has decided to economize their efforts. In one fell swoop, they have managed to promote both cursing and obesity. The ad in question shows an entire family enjoying some calorie-laden Oreo Creme cookies that apparently taste so good that the only way to express how delicious they are is to swear.  The thinly veiled profanity is impossible to miss.

Perhaps the worst part is that it is none other than the modern mom, who instead of washing out her kids mouth with soap for swearing, takes the lead herself as she yells out "Shut the front door" !  Obviously, this is easily recognizable as the phrasal expletive "Shut the F*** UP"! 

Admitedly, this is nothing new but it is nonetheless unacceptable. I recall a few years ago some Burger King locations took pride in displaying banners announcing "We got your Whopper right here"!  I guess TV commericals are following in the footsteps of hit motion pictures such as The Hangover and other movies that seem to thrive on rude humor. And we wonder why our language is deteriorating so fast!  

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