Thursday, June 16, 2011

How many jobs have been created by Business without Borders?

As always, city ripped off title from somewhere else

Today's Laredo Morning Times article on Mayor Salinas' speech yesterday made only a passing reference to the city's efforts to create economic opportunities with Central and South America. It seems that the speech would have been the perfect occasion to tout any actual jobs created as a result of those efforts. Since there is no mention of such jobs being created, it appears that this is just another example of  the Mayor's "all brag, no facts" tradition. I think most of you will agree that even if there had been just a few jobs created, we would have all heard of it.

So again, my question is : How many jobs have been created by Business without Borders and other recent, expensive, lobbying schemes by the Mayor and his staff?  I would actually enjoy being wrong and find out that there have been 10, 20 or even 50 jobs generated.  Sadly, I recognize that it's very unlikely due to the simple fact that such a figure was not repeated over and over again at yesterday's infomercial.

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