Monday, June 27, 2011

Got Milk?.....Which kind? Is it even Milk?

Down here, it was usually Metzgers, Falfurrias or Foremost milk

I think HEB might have to expand it's "dairy" section once again. Actually, many of the items in there are not even remotely "dairy" products.  I thought it was pretty good when we could choose between whole, low-fat or skim milk. Then of course, the low fat was divided into 2% and 1 % (fat).

However, the boom has resulted in the "non-milk" milks. These include mostly lactose-free types such as soy, almond and coconut "milks. Don't worry, you can still choose between low-fat lactose free and fat-free, lactose free. The scary part is that some of the newer, cutting edge milks don't even have to be refrigerated and have a pretty long shelf life.  Maybe they'll start charging more for this particular type being that the store has had it for so long that's it's actually "aged".

No wonder many of us long for the simpler days when the milkman would leave a gallon of cold, whole milk  on our "galerias", or front porch. Once in great while, if you were lucky, you might find a tall, icy cold quart of frothy chocolate milk right alongside.


  1. Back some 25 years or so, a man named Rudy would drive his Hygeia truck up to my mom's house and honk. He would do that at least twice a week.

    We would get ice cream, milk, orange juice, eggs maybe, and my mom would pay the tab every two weeks.

    When we didn't need anything, we would just stick our heads outside the front door and yell, "nada 'hora, Rudy!!!"

    Good times.


  2. I love milk - even the non-milks or the milk I pump fresh when I visit family (with the hair & dirt removed, of course)! The food banks distribute something called milk with a very long shelf life. I always wondered about those.

  3. KR those were the days ! QF, I thought the dirt was rich in nutrients?? OK Just kidding. The only truck I see know is Schwans but I don't really know what they sell.

  4. swan meat, maybe?? no se tampoco.