Thursday, June 23, 2011

For now, the best Laredo can do is....not be the worst!

It's getting to where auto thieves can't make a dishonest living in Laredo anymore.
Celebrations almost broke out yesterday at city hall when news spread that Laredo was not, I repeat, NOT the number city in the nation for stolen autos.  Not only was Laredo not the worst, it wasn't even in the top 10 of the worst cities for having your car or truck stolen. OK, admittedly, Our beloved Gateway City barely escaped making the top 10 in the dubious category or better said, the bottom 10.

Nonetheless, the city will take that, or any other marginal achievement as it struggles to re-brand itself, to use a trite expression.  In other slightly favorable news, Laredo is also no longer the number one city in "dissing it's sister city" but it's still almost synonymous with corrupt local government.

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  1. I've noticed way too many people leaving way too much stuff in their vehicles. Leave personal belongings in the trunk or, hell, it's a good excuse to clean out your car and keep it that way. Sounds easy but.....