Monday, June 13, 2011

Mayor follows McAllen again with "State of the City Address"

No, It's not April Fool's Day, this ad's for real. Honest!

In January of this year, LaredoTejas ran a post about McAllen's State of the City Address. It seemed appropriate since the occasion commemorated that city's 100th anniversary. Laredo, not to be outdone, follows in Mcallen's footsteps once again, albeit 6 months later. In the Gateway City's case, it seems to be just another frivilous attempt to keep the Mayor in the news. 

As LaredoTejas recently noted, neither the Mayor, nor the council were present at Friday's town hall meeting on fracking.  It's pretty sure that the Mayor did not want to be associated with anyone who dared ask questions on behalf of the people. No Way! The Mayor, the city staff and the council have shown repeatedly that their main focus is to please the vested interests, both local and non-local.

It appears certain that the only reason the  Mayor is charging citizens $35 to attend this mealsy event,  is that will more than likely keep most  Laredoans away. Afterall, it was free, real people might show up and Heaven knows we can't have that. This way, only those that are out to please or impress the Mayor will be in the audience. Mayor Salinas would have it no other way.


  1. Eit, me prestas $35 dolares?? Andale, no seas malo.

  2. Only if you promise to go to the Mayor's party!

    Maximilian-having problems commenting again.

  3. Fun-filled foto shop Friday can't get here soon enough!

  4. The LMT has a story about tomorrow's state of the city address. It's mentioned that the last time the mayor did one of these was 2007. And the mayor's office sent out invitations to a select few to be in the audience at the public access studios.