Sunday, July 3, 2011

Time to celebrate the "Forf of July" as they say in Laredo

Yeah!!!! Happy Forf of July Laredo!!

Ahh Laredo.  How unique a city we have-right down to the way we pronounce some of Holidays. Take tomorrow for example: It's no secret that while many Laredoans will be celebrating the traditional 4th of July Holiday, aka Independence day, some of their fellow citizens will instead be enjoying the "Forf of July" in their own ways.  I can remember way back to when I was about in the forf grade, more or less, that most of my Friends would always talk about blowing up "cuetes" during the "forf".

Other holidays have also undergone the Laredo "corruption" as linguists like to call it. When starting the year off, I've heard the exclamation "Happy JuNear"" more times than I remember.  The following month, of  course, we find ourselves " Happy Valentime's Day". Add to that, a sprinkling of "Jalowin" for good measure and you've got yourself another proud reason to say "Only in Laredo".


  1. Reasons to celebrate in Laredo.


  2. I am surprised I have not heard one single "cohete" yet and its already the 4th of July.

  3. I thought for sure i would be hearing something "across" with all the warnings we got.

  4. Happy birthday United States.....