Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Que mugrero en Webb County no??? Hijo de su!

Nice operation you're running there judge!

Man, this is getting more and more ridiculous.  The guy promoted to county engineer is not an engineer! Yet he got a $40,000 pay increase! How is this possible?

 I guess with commissioner Wawi recommending that the job description read "registered professional engineer PREFERRED", not required, mind you- just PREFERRED!  This is a stupid way of saying OK we're going to say that we prefer a brain surgeon BUT, we'll settle for someone who knows a bit of first aid. 

The word PREFERRED has absolutely no meaning in the sense that the county cannot insist that the applicant is an actually an engineer- it was simply something that they would have PREFERRED.  Que mugrero!

Oh, and then the other guy, the maintenance director. He's got a G.E.D., good for him but the job description requires a bachelor's degree. So, let's see.......hmmm seeing that he's not really qualified, let's do this: hire him anyway and give him a $20,000 raise (that will put him at a salary of $73,000 with a G.E.D.)!

On this last crooked move, it appears that there was some motion or email of something from Wawi's office again, recommending that the maintenance director be folded unto the engineering department. OK, so if he's folded UNDER the other department, then he's no longer a director -right?  Or, at least he can't be a director under another director-right?

Que Mugrero- Nunca han tenido verguenza, y nunca van a tener!


  1. You know the old saying: We have to "go by the book." Well, I don't know what book these people ascribe to.

    Here they are trying to put their house in order after fraud was commited in the CAA program, and now they're trying to bend the rules to fit their agenda.

    No aprenden.


  2. That book must be used as toilet paper at Webb Co. offices.

  3. And people ask me why I live here. Well the entertainment value of our politicians is priceless....that is why.

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