Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Watchout hackers! LCC now offering AA in cyber security

The world's hackers are being placed on alert. Laredo Community College is now offering a brand spanking new Associate of Arts degree in cyber security. I thought that was Associate of Applied Arts but what do I know. Anyway, students considering to be future cyber detectives might do well for themselves in the Gateway City. Let's not forget LISD has been racked with electronic pilfering for the last couple of years.

First, there was an erroneously sent e-mail with hundreds if not thousands of employees' personal information, including addresses, phone numbers and even social security numbers.  Then, of course, the mysterious, supposedly encrypted CD send to an even more mysterious requester working for TEA in Austin.  Just with those two incidents, it appears the first graduating class of cyber-sleuths coming out of Palomino Land will have their hands full.

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