Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tankers violating city policy, the answer- punish the citizens

I've done told  Mayor Sa-Ley-nas here, frackers get priority on y'all's water!!

Just minutes ago, I saw a story on good ol' Pro8News about the city closing the Penitas Road water supply pump. According to channel 8's Ryan (5 O'clock shadow Bailey, the trouble started when local tanker trailers decided to ignore the posted signs prohibiting any commercial use of the water pump. It was reported at yesterday's city council meeting that these tankers might, in turn, be re-selling the water to fracking oil/gas companies, another violation of city policy.

With two clear violations being committed by the tanker drivers, what did the city decide to do? Punish the citizens of course. Tim Gutierrez reported that the city's solution to all of this water thievery was to simply turn off the Las Penitas pump, forcing citizens to have to drive to pump(s) located farther away. Besides incurring more gas expenses, these Laredoans will now have to get onto  Mines Road, the most trafficable local road for tractor trailers, making for a possibly dangerous outing for those having to fetch their daily or weekly water supply.

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