Sunday, July 31, 2011

Garza looks to higher "signs" for Laredo's economic growth

Not high enough? Mike Garza pushing for allowing signs up to 8 stories high
 Usually, this would be the type of story that would be relegated to very little notice, if any.  Maybe it was just a slow news night, but Pro8news decided that an agenda item by councilman Mike Garza was worth covering on tonight's news. Garza thinks that the height of a business's sign might make a real difference in attracting new companies to town.

     As Garza related, he first even gave the idea some thought when "someone" contacted him asking if he/she could erect an 80 ft. sign.  As it turns out, Garza found out that the city of Laredo allows signs to be a maximum height of 60 feet.  Not to be dissuaded, he set out to do some research and found out that other cities allow for higher sign heights. Thus the agenda item for tomorrow's meeting.

    The business editor at LaredoTejas thinks that Garza is barking up the wrong tree sign. Nonetheless, it will be discussed before the council. This must not be controversial as was the idea of covering up highway signs reading Nuevo Laredo, but at most, it's rather silly idea to be mentioned in the same breath as "economic development".

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