Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mayor's constant call of "safety first" is suddenly mute!

Salinas : mum's the word on recent accident

A couple of days ago, LT posted on the initial reporting of the Mayor's fender bender.  Actually, LaredoTejas mistakenly implied that the "young female" appeared to be at fault. No so! It has now been revealed that "El Mayor" was distracted enough to be the causal factor in the minor accident.

Several readers of the BOLAS-leading La Sanbe offered their theories on how the accident could have occurred.  There was some speculation that the Mayor was texting, eating donuts and or watching city council reruns on his smart phone.  As it turns out, none of these have been substantiated.

Ironically, the Mayor has been quiet on this whole thing. This is an excellent opportunity for the Mayor to go before the public and personalize his message of "safety first". He should simply admit that he was responsible for the wreck and, all donuts aside, should remind citizens that focus and full attention to the road while one is driving is absolutely necessary.

In defense of the Mayor, if there were indeed some donut crumbs on the scene, how could investigators proof that they came from Mr. Salinas, and not from the responding officer??  In any event, it's good that no one was hurt.

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