Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just what do politicians consider "Laredo" ?

Anytown USA: This could be Laredo.......or Duluth!

We hear it all the time. "Laredo has a lot to offer and people should visit us and stay a while and shop".  What part of Laredo is this "Laredo" the Mayor, the LCVB, the Chamber and others always allude to. We can probably be certain that they are not, in any way, referring to any part of Laredo that's over 40 or 50 years old, except for maybe the San Agustin historical district.

We can agree that Downtown is not what the Mayor is talking about when he gloats about Laredo.  The Barrios have long been forgotten and ignored by our politicians. Laredo, to them, is neither West Laredo nor South Laredo either. The mines road area is also ignored-with one big exception, the upcoming multi-million dollar golf course.

It wouldn't surprise me if all those previously mentioned soon start promoting, not Laredo per se, but maybe North Laredo, or Uptown Laredo. The hardly used LEA, TAMIU, the airport, the new golf course and shopping centers from Mall Del Norte on Northward is what these people think of and work to promote. The countless strip malls with their vast concrete parking lots sprawling for miles have about as much character as our local governments. This is what we're supposed to be Laredo Proud about?


  1. Laredo should be proud of its apathy,
    it's Banality,
    it's Corruption,
    it's Decay,
    it's Egregiousness,
    it's Fractiousness
    it's Graft
    it's Hedonism
    it's Ignorance
    it's Jocularity
    it's Kakistocracy
    it's Lunacy
    it's Mundanity
    it's Numbness
    it's Ojete-ness
    it's Peculiarity
    it's Quirozes
    it's Redundancy
    it's Silliness
    it's Terpidity
    it's Uselessness
    it's Vanity
    it's Women
    it's X-Rays
    it's Yahoos
    it's Zealots

    See? Plenty to be proud of. . .

  2. This is Laredo, I think you missed the ch, ll & the ñ.

  3. Hey BTB good to see you posting- thanks for the vocabulary lesson, I did I got about half of 'em right? Redundancy is that when you have a dunce and then he makes another "duncical" move?? He's being reduncedant? No? No, I guess not, N'ambre no le hace-Laredo Proud comoquiera!