Thursday, July 14, 2011

Laredo being absorbed into trivial conformity

"N'ambre, siempre tienes que ser differente!!".

Harry Potter's last movie is out and it looks like Laredo is now longer exempt from the nerdish, banal obsessions that used to always happen "somewhere else".  Fad after fad had come and gone with most of them having little, or no impact on the Gateway City.  Well, the nerds are out in force, many of them only too glad to be on TV saying just how long they've been standing in line at the local movie theater. Pro8News, predictably, featured a piece on the mostly young Laredoans who are now sucked in to just about any and all trends they might happen to spy on the 24/7 combination of Internet/smart phone/television.

It used to be that most (not all) fads were looked down at by most Laredoans. Yet, I do recall that "streakers" did make one or two appearances around town. I recall hearing about some guy running naked (streaking) at the Laredo Junior College campus way back when. Yet, overall, most Laredoans scoffed when watching TV reports of this or that fad spreading through other parts of the country. The most common response was something to the effect of " N'ambre bola de *$%&!# " !

Alas, not anymore, Laredo has yielded on its traditional non-conformist role. Thousands of our younger citizens practically live their lives in their own little digital world and are only too happy to follow the latest folly spreading through cyberspace.

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