Thursday, July 21, 2011

LT back on roll with comment-free posts

LaredoTejas proves, yet again, that it definitely is a Friend of the Library

  After inadvertently, provoking a few comments by one of its recent posts, LaredoTejas is solidly back on another comment-free posting streak. BOLAS has previously praised LT for encouraging improved fluency among its readers by essentially doing away with possibly distracting comments. LT editor, Maximiliano, advised that their blog works with the latest psychological research to pinpoint the kind of posts that are least likely to draw any comments. This results in a more sustained reading experience without having to click back and forth between the post itself and accompanying comments.

Several groups, include Laredo Reads, The Laredo Public Library and the Laredo Literacy Volunteers all have credited LaredoTejas with being a definite supporter of improved fluency among Gateway city readers.


  1. Funny that you should mention literacy. This morning a local D.J. was going through some list -- popular books that are often stolen, or somthing like that.

    When the jockey got to "One The Road" he mangled the author's last name. Instead of pronouncing Kerouac, it sounded more like he was saying Crooak.

    I really don't have much faith in this guy since he's called The Who's song 'Teenage Wasteland' instead of its actual title, "Baba O'Reily."

    But it goes to show that Laredoans don't really keep up with popular titles, much less with correct pronunciations.


  2. NO me soprende! Laredo Proud, con el teenage wasteland y el Jack Carrywax.