Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pony League trying to justify poor showing ?

Pony barrels in on tradition rich little league

Ever since I first heard about the brand spanking new Pony League, I've wondered "what was so bad about little league".  All of a sudden, a hundred years of tradition were shoved to the side as the city fast tracked any and all Pony League projects. Just a few months ago, the Pony League leaders were at a city council meeting promising to bring 150 teams and their families to Laredo. They asked for the council's support ($$) and some of the council people were only too happy to send thousand of taxpayers' dollars Pony's way.

Perhaps things are now not going so well as far as the anticipated "150" teams and their families. Just a couple of nights ago, the Pony spokesman, a Mr. Rosas, appeared saying that he hopes out of town teams learn that Laredo is safe and will make the trip.  Another way of looking at it is that maybe they already know that figure was inflated to begin with and will now have a perfect alibi if a relatively low number of teams come to the Gateway City.  If that turns out to be the case, Pony League will then say "Well, it looks like the bad publicity kept a lot of the 150 teams away".  The answer may be : there was never any where close to that number of teams realistically expected to come to Laredo and play ball.

Just for the record, the sports editor of LaredoTejas would rather be wrong and have thousands of Pony Leaguers descend upon our fair city.

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