Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Hines" recreation center pool filtration system costs $60,000 more

The Haynes Hines Rec Center costing more and more!

Once again, councilman Rangel reminded us all, that it's not Haynes Recreation Center,.....it's HINES. To make things worse, tonight's city council meeting also revealed that the filtration system for the center's swimming pool will cost 60,000 dollars more than was anticipated. 

Rangel, showing the true mark of a Laredo councilman, referred to the taxpayer's money as "My money". He said something to the effect that "Tito didn't leave me any money" and "I need 60,000 dollars fromy my fellow council members (for the filter).  Well, not to be outdone, council person Liendo-Espinoza donated $30,000 of "her" money and Johnny Rendon pitched in another $20,000 in pocket change.

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  1. That better be one heck of a pool.