Saturday, July 23, 2011

Boehner: "The American people don't want higher taxes" Oh Yes they do !

John Boehner: If he's not busy crying, he's busy lying!

Republican speaker of the house John Boehner would definitely win one of those contests where the person being able to keep from laughing gets the prize.  He keeps going on national TV and, with a straight, sun-tanned face tells us that "The American people don't want higher taxes". He, of course, leaves out the fact that he's only talking about the millionaires who make up the top 1 per cent of total US taxpayers. He continues his big lie by saving that raising taxes (on the fat cats) would be a "job-killer".  The evidence says otherwise: the period coinciding with the Bush tax cuts for the rich did NOT show many jobs created when compared to the Clinton years.

Next time you see John Boehner on TV and you hear him mention "Americans", don't get too flattered, he's not talking about you at all.  To him, Americans are defined by their level of greed.