Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Troubling case of probated sentence for DWI offender

Tonight, Pro8news had the too familiar story of "it all depends who you are" in our town.

This is sadly true especially when it comes to dispensing justice, or injustice in this particular case.  The suspected DWI violator reportedly told an officer on the scence "I didn't do anything wrong.My father is an attorney", as if the first statement depended on the second. 

As it turns out, it certainly appears that the girl in question didn't do anything wrong-because her father is a local attorney. It's amazing how the privileged know their place in our humble Gateway city.


  1. Ms. Sandoval is a very animated, excitable person, judging from her body language.

    I wonder if my son will ever say, "Do you know who my father is?! He's Keyrose from LaSanbe and you're in big trouble!!!"


  2. She looks like a classy chick from that video. 2 DWI's? That's marriage material right there, if she's single, of course. Charges for assaulting a bouncer? A future mother!

  3. Sweet hairdo. And they said bleach highlights were out of style!