Monday, July 11, 2011

Wade Watch: Tom Wade supports continued tax breaks for the Rich


Whew, it was about time that Tom Wade spoke out about something. I hadn't had a chance for any new entries under "Wade Watch" but now that drought is over. In his re-launched website, "Wakeup Laredo", Wade, as expected, defends the continued tax breaks for the richest in the country. As do most republicans, Wade would much rather see cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security than to force the super-rich to just one Lear jet each.

Wade's own words state that: "A friend of mine last week, at Starbucks, could not believe that I was standing up for the rich in the taxing debate.  He actually said: “How can you be for not raising the taxes on the rich.  You will never have that kind of money.”  I was dumbfounded by his statement.  Is there no such thing as standing up for principles?  I support women’s rights, even though I am not a woman.  I am strongly for equal rights among “all” people, no matter race, creed, religion, sexual orientation.  Yet, I am not a minority or gay"
Well, for one thing if Wade's a regular at Starbucks we can be sure he's not suffering financially. I guess that makes it that much easier to "stand up for the rich". The Tea Party and the republicans and generally have somehow hypnotized that standing up for the rich and against the poor equals "taking our country" back. It's a shame to see how robotic some of the ultra conservatives are. Day in, Day out, they repeat, over and over, whatever FoxNews or Rush wants them to say. Don't these people have any "real" principles as Wade proclaims. I wouldn't regard standing up for the more fortunate necessarily a "principle" so much as a way of trying to associate yourself with the rich.......even if it's as a lowly cheerleader.


  1. I go to Starbucks, maybe 4 or so times a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. I drink a grande black iced tea everytime. It cost about $2.25. About the same as a glass of iced tea at Danny's. I do not drink coffee. Anyway....good to be back.

  2. Hey Tom Wade, thanks for posting, I just had to do a Wade Watch post and it looks like Boehner, McConnell and their bunch blinked today on the debt ceiling talks. I'm sure it's a ploy- it always has to be with them.