Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Spurs-less" Spur Experience coming to Laredo Energy Arena

Los Spurs' trophies

Laredo Convention and Visitor's Bureau director Blasita Lopez hopes that the "presence of a very popular professional sports team" to the upcoming Sister Cities Festival. There's just one minor problem, that "professional sports team" aka The San Antonio Spurs will actually not be present.

From Project Spurs.Com
By Michael De Leon

The Spurs Fan Experience, consisting of a display of the Spurs' four championship trophies, members of the Silver Dancers, a VIP guest and a special display trailer outside Laredo Energy Arena, will kick things off on June 22 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

“Adding the presence of a very popular professional sports team in South Texas and throughout Mexico to the Sister Cities Festival gives it a fresh angle and another level of appeal,” said Blasita J. Lopez, Laredo Convention and Visitors Bureau Director. “People who may not have considered coming to the Laredo Energy Arena for our traditional and wonderful Mexican offerings of food, jewelry, clothing, liquor, furniture and other goodies, might just make the trip to catch a glimpse of any one of their championship trophies, or get a photo with one of the Spurs Silver Dancers. I think that once they are at the Festival, they will want to stay and experience everything there is to offer at the event.”

The fan experience will also have "inflatable interactive components" but with the lockout in full swing, I doubt you'll see the likeness of any Spurs players as part of the experience.


  1. You can't get a Spur to come down until you fork over an appearance fee, just like "Da Little General" a few years back.

    You have a better chance to see a Spur at a strip bar in SA.

  2. Just give the Spurs some cash and they'll show. Five figures should do it.