Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Webb County: Where do I start?

Nobody qualified?? But they said there was $508,000 in assistance given out!!

Webb county will probably lose out on :

Over $400,000  reimbursement from the state for messing up their CAA weatherization program

Over $500,000 reimbursement from the state for messing up their CEAP energy assistance program

If these two programs have been scrutinized and found to be utterly corrupt, who knows how many other departments/programs are bound to be plagued by yet-undetected corruption and other assorted shenanigans. The Judge and the commissioners probably knew, or at least suspected, that the overall operation of the county was in complete disarray.

About 123 county employees were found to be linked to applications for assistance under the CEAP program. It was found that, in many cases, their applications were "jumped" ahead of other applicants.  As it turns out, a whopping 3 (THREE) applications were found to be legitimately filed and processed, three!!

The FBI should do a top to bottom investigation of all county departments.  With hundreds of county employees apparently participating in this fleecing of Webb county taxpayers, the question is just how far will the tentacles of unbridled, reckless cheating reach?

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