Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two Harleys donated to LISD cops

According to today's Laredo Morning Times, twill soon be at least a couple of LISD police officers driving around some of the busiest schools in  $20,000 Harley Davidson Motorcycles. The report that ran on Pro8news last night indicated that any officers interested in the Harley Patrol should volunteer.

It's no secret that, unfortunately, there are cops in almost every force who could correctly be described as being somewhat arrogant to say the least.  It's also a pretty safe bet that those stepping over each other to volunteer for the LISD Harley Patrol will be those imbued with a rather substantial dose of such arrogance. The LISD Chief should make sure they check the weight limit on those choppers. I say that because I think most of us have seen many LISD officers of ample girth.

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