Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seems like only yesterday, gas was $3.35 a gallon

From one day the next, gas skyrockets to $3.55 a gallon

When I first noticed it on Sunday afternoon, I really thought the HEB on Saunders had mistakenly transposed their numbers. The price of regular unleaded on their sign: $353 a gallon.  Puzzled by the apparent "mistake", I continued down the street. A couple of nearby gas stations still had their prices at an average of $3.35, which had been the price at the HEB just one day before.  I figured, OK, they reversed the 3 & the 5 on the cents side.  Of course, HEB would not be the first to hike up the price so much if there had actually been such a spike in price. 

I forgot about it until the next day, I thought to myself  "So, was that a mistake I saw yesterday"? As you all know by know, nope, it was another bona fide scalping in a space of about two days. I guess the speculators on Wall Street have realized that they still have full reign of playing with the markets just as they did immediately before the big crash of 2008.

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