Thursday, July 21, 2011

See what $18M can do: Laredo's New baseball CEO takes long vacation

And now, if You'll excuse me, I'll think I'll take a long vacation.

   Citing the desire to avoid a scheduling conflict in regards to announcing the name for Laredo's new baseball team, CEO Maek Schuster has pushed back that date. Perhaps they don't have a name yet, or maybe there wasn't enough participation, but the reason Schuster is giving is that they don't want to to do it at the same time the even newer Laredo indoor football team is announcing theirs.

    An article appearing in the Laredo Morning Times mentions how quiet Schuster and his organization have been, even referring to the fact that he's taken a "much needed vacation". I guess when you've just poked the eyes of one of the poorest cities in the country for $18 Million, you just have to make room for celebrating........and spending some of that cool cash.

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