Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mayor Salinas doesn't know what he's talking about

First, he was on MSNBC. The host asked Mayor Raul Salinas which of the options being considered to deal with the debt limit he supported.  Salinas must have not heard the question,  because his answer made no sense. He spoke about how they (congress & the President) must work in unity and mentioned something about jobs and the working class. Tonight, they had him on Pro8News and he was again, off target: he talked about the little people and how they should not be forgotten.

It seems that in this particular case, instead of rambling on and on and not actually saying anything, he should have taken a page from the Sarah Palin playbook. In other words, he should have let on that he was out of his league.  In 2008, when Charlie Gibson asked Palin if she agreed with the Bush Doctrine, Palin was lost. She, like our Mayor, had no idea what the subject at hand involved. Looking completely lost, Palin then uttered that famous line, "In what respect Charlie?". The phrase translates roughly into "I got absolutely no idea what you're talking about!".


  1. In today's 'Monday wash' Odie Arambula is stunned by this very thing:

    "We were not surprised that people are not aware of the problem. It's incredible. Some people gave us this blank stare when we suggested that there was a chance that unemployment and Social Security checks would not be in the mail in August."

    Raul Salinas always says that he's the people's mayor. And if those people are clueless about what's going on, then so is he.

    The mayor likes to ham it up for the cameras but there's really nothing there. No substance.


  2. I guess that's how clear it was that he was oblivious to the topic at hand. Our Mayor- you'd think he'd keep up at least with the headlines. I guess he's too busy knocking on doors.

  3. Why should he keep up with national and state events. All anyone needs to do to get elected here is quote the populist line. People here elect politicians on likability versus knowledge on issues. That is a fact, otherwise we would have a much different mayor.

  4. That's what you get when you elect a vegetable. All hail the mighty Papa!!!