Monday, January 31, 2011

Perry walks back his stance on "sanctuary cities"

Rick Perry: Talking tough but carrying a little stick again  

According to the Texas Tribune, Rick Perry is talking out both sides of his mouth again. At the beginning of this year's state's legislative session, he made eliminating so-called sanctuary cities a priority by putting that issue on a "fast track". Now, his aides claim that his position on the issue is being distorted See for yourself:

By Julian Aguilar- Texas Tribune

Border lawmakers who oppose Gov. Rick Perry's call to abolish “sanctuary cities” in Texas are misinterpreting his stance on the issue, according to his aides. They say the governor wants peace officers in Texas to have the option to inquire about a person's immigration status, but would oppose laws that require them to ask — what his office referred to as Arizona-style legislation. It’s all about “discretion,” a spokeswoman says.
“If a peace officer feels it's necessary to question the legal status of an individual during a lawful stop, he [or] she should be able to do so and refer to the appropriate federal authorities,” says Perry spokeswoman Catherine Frazier.  “The governor continues to oppose demanding peace officers inquire, just as he opposes measures that prevent them from asking.”
Last week El Paso lawmakers met in that border town to denounce Perry’s declaration that abolishing “sanctuary cities” be fast-tracked after he declared the issue an emergency item.
It's amazing how much waffling Rick Perry gets away with. It just goes to show you what a consummate politician the thrice-elected governor is.

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