Sunday, January 16, 2011

If you're going to San Antonio, you're going to need your voice: Texting ban in effect

San Antonio to start levying fines for texting while driving
If anybody is planning to travel to San Antonio, you're be entering the 3rd city in the state that has implemented a ban on texting while driving (or even stopped at a red light). There had a been a 90-day grace period in effect since the law was passed in October. On Saturday, the grace period expired and as such, drivers will now be fined up to $200 if they're pulled over for texting while driving. San Antonio is following in the footsteps of El Paso and Austin in prohibiting texting while driving. In light of this, we at laredotejas suggest that if you're going to drive up to San Antone, you better be ready to give your vocal cords a good workout. It looks like you're be using your voice to talk on the phone again- like the old days.


  1. Uh oh. Guilty of doing this. What about emails?

  2. All cell phone use is strictly prohibited. Hands free only are allowed such as a Bluetooth headset device or Bluetooth car but no texting. my friend got pulled over for simply having her phone turned on in her car. the officer assumed she was using her phone because the phone light was on and she received a ticket they are strictly enforcing this law. the disadvantage about that is now cops to protect them selves fromtheir tyranny so invest in a dash cam. Of course you shouldn't be breaking the law but not all officers are good hearted. And a dash cam can protect you from tyranny cuz you can't record them anymore since you can't have your phone. Funny thing is I saw a cop texting What a joke!