Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Laredo Convention & Visitors Bureau issues press release on Birding Festival

The Majestic Vermillion Flycatcher perched in the South Texas splendor
Today, a press release announcing the 2011 Laredo Birding Festival appeared on the LCVB's website. I have taken the liberty to reproduce a section of it below for your reading pleasure. Please enjoy:
Festival Features More Private Ranches
Nature photography, kayaking events added
January 17, 2011-- Have you ever seen a vermillion flycatcher catch a fly? How about the state bird of Texas, the mockingbird, in a dance to flush out insects? Or a crested Caracara swooping down on road kill? These are just a few of the beautiful creatures that can be seen in the field trips planned February 2-5, 2011 in and around Laredo!
Last year the Amazon Kingfisher spelled success with birders during the brief two-week sighting of this rare tropical beauty; now the Laredo Birding Festival, set for February 2-5, 2011 is a lasting endeavor in diversifying Laredo’s tourism infrastructure. “We welcomed birding and nature enthusiasts when they were here for the Amazon Kingfisher’s appearance last year and I am happy to welcome them back to Laredo,” stated Mayor Salinas, an avid supporter of the tourism industry. “I know that they will relish in Laredo’s warm hospitable attitude and the matching weather to go with it!”

The event opens with a free and public event to kick off Laredo’s third Birding event on Wednesday,February 2, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. at this year’s host hotel, La Posada. Attendees will experience an opening reception presentation entitled Big birds, little birds, pretty birds, sneaky birds by nature photographer Larry Ditto (www.larryditto.com). This customized slide show will allow you to see the wide variety of birds in Texas and beyond, many of which will live in south Texas or migrate through each year. Some of these birds have quite unique characteristics and behavior, it will surprise you. Enjoy the images of whooping cranes, vultures, wrens, rails, kingfishers, ducks, green jays, orioles, parrots, warblers, buntings among many others.


  1. FYI - Laredo Books & More is still taking pre-orders for the IRC book of the photos taken on Webb County ranches. It is $50 and beautiful - hard to believe you are in this area.

  2. Is it text & pictures or mostly pictures. Sorry, but.....what's IRC? I tell you I'm learning.

  3. Well, Max, it would help if I got the initials correct! ICF is the Images for Conservation Fund. It is a big coffee table book of mostly images and the text tells you what ranch and what pro-photographer took it. It is a new type of tourism that the CVB is trying to get off the ground. Ranchers charge pro photographers in a sort of 'eco-tourism' where they can shoot the beauty of this area. It really, really, really is a gorgeous book.

  4. Thanks like always, I have seen some of the ranches around here and they have a rugged beauty that's for sure. Eco-tourism, we'll take it.

  5. I have a copy of this book and would be willing to let anyone borrow it until they can get their own copy.

    It is full of great photos and commentary.

    Call 337-8822

  6. Tom Wade, thanks for offer on the book. Also thanks for mentioning the festival and the blog. Hopefully, more people will start turning out for these events.