Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is Laredo city council within the Texas Open Meetings Act during Austin visit?

Application of the Open
Meetings Act

The Open Meetings Act (Act) usually applies
when a quorum of a governmental body is in
attendance and that body discusses public
business. It does not apply to social
gatherings that are unrelated to the body’s
public business. It also does not apply when
public officials attend regional, state, or
national workshops, as long as there are no
formal actions taken and any discussion of
public business is only incidental to the
event. In the City of Austin, all board and
commission meetings must comply with the
Open Meetings Act.

Whenever, a governmental body receives a
briefing from staff, a notice of an open
meeting must be posted. Only with prior
approval from the City Attorney for an
executive session is the posting requirement

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