Monday, January 24, 2011

Former commissioner Keko Martinez tells county leaders to "man up"

Don't let the beautiful looking buildings fool you: Shenanigans abound
Appearing at today's Webb County commissioner's meeting as a concerned citizen, attorney & former county commissioner Keko Martinez challenged the county leaders to "man up". Martinez was referring to the recent attempt by county judge Danny Valdez to hand-off the hiring responsibility for the new CAA director to the embattled agency's management team.  Martinez told the judge and commissioners to "man up" and make the hard decisions that need to be made. He scolded the court for wanting to do only half the work involved in finding a new CAA chief. Martinez insisted that the taxpayers are expecting the commissioners to live up to the responsibilities of their positions.

Martinez's other comment was about one of the 5 finalists. Although he never mentioned any names, Martinez claimed that one of the finalists had a history of trouble with both UISD and LISD. Among the things he mentioned were being accused of sexual harassment, falsifying records and shredding documents. After going through a list of infractions supposedly committed by the finalist, Martinez incredulously asked the board "How does such a person get to be one of the finalists?

As it turns out, The commissioner's court will "man up" after all and decide who the new CAA director will be. According to judge Valdez, they'll be doing this next Monday.

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