Thursday, January 20, 2011

Customer Service: a drive-thru anecdote

Obviously, this picture wasn't taken in Laredo: too friendly.

A few days ago, I had a post about how we should all let nationwide chains  should be aware when their local franchises are not providing up-to-par customer service. At that time, I had an example to provide but would have made for, in my opinion,  too long of a post.

This specific incident, for lack of a better word, happened a couple of months ago. I was near a McDonald's and decided I was thirsty. I pulled up to the speaker and after listening to one of their pre-recorded, garbled sales pitch (no, that's not my complain at this time), I ordered my Dr. Pepper and bottled water and proceeded to the pay window. As I pulled up and handed the girl a $5 bill, I offered a "good morning", being mindful that it was a few minutes before noon. She had no such polite words for me however, being that she was already busy taking another order on her "Madonna" headset. This was a little bit annoying, "These kids don't have any common courtesy" I thought to myself. Except, she wasn't really a kid anymore and she should've known better. As she gave me my change, I said "thank you". By this time, she must've had another order to take and again failed to acknowledge my polite thanks. At this point, I sort of surprised myself, but just had to tell her something. Acknowledging me for the first time, she finally said "yes sir?". "Esto no esta bien/This is not right" I started, "I decide to come here and spend my money (all $2) and you can't even take the time to say thank you?". Anyway to make a long story not so short, I drove off after getting my drinks.

Once I got home, I went to their corporate website, called their 800 number and made a complaint. They took the time to take all the information down and subsequently, I got about 4 tickets for their extra value meals (not a fan of the angus burger) and a couple of follow up letters. Later, I got another couple of tickets for their wraps, I think it was.

Did it change their service at the window? Nope. Did I feel a bit better about it, yes I probably did. Also, I express my concerns to them more often that I used to. So, for whatever it's worth, whenever you got a complaint, call their corporate offices. If not, it will be like talking to yourself at the drive-thru window, just like me.


  1. Moral of the story: complain for freebies?

    Thumbs up.

  2. Well, yea I know. I don't think that moral would qualify for Aesop's fables huh? Hey at least they've been a little bit friendlier- now they at least nod.