Saturday, January 8, 2011

Even the Music critics can't resist taking a jab at Laredo

Even in praising a singer, Laredo gets putdown

In a Seattle Times article entitled "9 of the year's best overlooked albums", one of the albums is entitled Myth of the Heart by 22 year old Texas singer Sahara Smith. One of the comments by the author Charles J. Gans of AP, takes yet another jab at our Gateway City. In praising Smith's singing, Gans writes:

Myth of the Heart" is the debut album by Smith, and it benefits from the backing of T Bone Burnett and the crack studio band that performs on many of his records, including drummer Jay Bellerose and guitarist Marc Ribot. Sahara Smith's crystalline soprano is so commanding that when she sings of driving all night to reach Laredo, Texas, it sounds like a good idea.
Looks like we can't catch a break from anybody nowadays. The Chamber of Commerce was right. Laredo's image is in dire need of a million dollar makeover.

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