Sunday, January 23, 2011

Laredo should follow San Antonio's lead: Mayor Castro to assume stronger role in schools

In a refreshing developement, the San Antonio Express News is reporting on Mayor Julian Castro's plans to take a more active, participatory role in the education of the Alamo City's youth. From today's San Antonio Express- News :

Castro, stepping directly into a domain previous mayors have avoided, said his plan begins with refusing to accept failure from the city's urban school districts.  “I envision, for instance, coming up with a system of measuring the progress of these urban school districts in a mayor's scorecard on their progress and holding them accountable for student success,” he said. “I believe that getting more involved in ensuring that there are knowledgeable and strong board members at these school districts needs to be a part of my job.“We have sat too long and allowed our school districts to not have as top-notch leadership as they could have, both in superintendents and in school boards.”
Castro said he would support candidates in school board elections that he believes would “enhance the level of excellence for students” in their districts. He said the same applies to superintendents, though “not in a political way.”“I'm looking for every opportunity to champion those superintendents and what they're doing,” he said.
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