Saturday, January 22, 2011

When is tax freedom day for 2011

When will Tax Freedom Day be in 2011 ?
Having just received my W2s for 2010, I found my mind wandering to the subject of taxes. More specifically, I started to wonder just far into this new year the so-called "tax freedom day" will fall on. This is the date on which the average American's salary actually starts going into his/her own pocket instead of towards paying local,state or federal taxes. Last year, Tax Freedom day fell on April 9th, 2010. The predictions back then were that 2011's Tax Freedom day was to be substantially later because of the Bush tax cuts which were to expire at the end of 2010. However, as we all know now, those tax cuts have been extended for all Americans. Given this fact, I was unable to find a "new" estimate for when Tax Freedom day will be on 2011.

Freelance writer Angela Harris offers the following interesting information on taxes:

Some other interesting statistics from The Tax Foundation are that in 1900 the tax burden for American taxpayers was less than six percent. As of 2006, it is approximately thirty-two percent. This means that almost one-third of every dollar that you work for goes to the government.

Americans spend more on taxes than they spend on housing and food combined. We also spend almost as much on Social Security taxes and Medicare programs as we do on federal taxes- thirty days versus thirty-three days. What about sales taxes? More than two calendar weeks of our salaries are spent solely on sales tax. This translates into three actual work weeks.

If you don't like what you're reading, don't shoot the messenger. Perhaps do some research on political parties and candidates that want real changes to the tax laws. Or send a quick email to your representatives in Washington to let them know how you feel. It's time for American taxpayers to celebrate an earlier Tax Freedom Day!


  1. Yes, why should we pay any taxes at all? Why not just depend on benevolent rich people to build us roads, pay for our schools, pay for our police, pay for our firemen, pay to have our food inspected, pay to have children's toys inspected...well, you get the picture. Actually, if you're so keen on Tax Freedom Day, you probably don't get the picture. What a country.

  2. tax freedom day is dumb

  3. Dumb, is having a government that spends over twice as much as it takes in, and prints money to make up the difference. Dumb, is a population that believes the "news" media. Dumb, are most of the people who don't even look at the financial facts, and elect their representitives based on popularity, and paid for propaganda. Tax freedom day is just pointing out how much the government is taking from it's people, so that perhaps they will wake up.