Thursday, January 27, 2011

McAllen's stylized website eats our lunch again. This is getting old: chomp, chomp, chomp!

McAllen Mayor Richard Cortez gives his "State of the City" address. I'm pretty sure our own Mayor Salinas would love giving such a speech himself.
Maybe it's that I am not a technology wizard, but McAllen's website, sure seems to offer a lot more than that of the Gateway City. It even has links to the city's very own facebook & Twitter pages as well as a link to it's youtube channel. I may be mistaken but I don't belive the City of Laredo has made use of any of these networking sites so far. Also, the site has a list of McAllen's upcoming events and an additional link to their blog. I wonder whose job it is at the City of Laredo to be keeping up with our competition.

Admitedly, I do recall that there was an item on the agenda to grant a contract to a local Web designer. As far as I remember, it was tabled ( as is often the case) for lack of one thing or another. In any event, This is one place where the City of Laredo could start making some changes immediately. There's nothing that is preventing them from starting to use the aforementioned networks as soon as today to promote Laredo. It's like everytime we look up, here comes McAllen again, hungrier than ever.

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