Monday, January 17, 2011

We need to make Laredo's poor customer service known to nation-wide chains at corporate level

Good customer service in Laredo is as rare as telephone shown
As a native Laredoan who has experienced better customer service in other cities and states, I too am appalled by the indifference with which customers are treated locally. This is especially true in regards to businesses that are nationwide chains. For example, the local Wal-Marts. Their long lines at the checkout counter and utter lack of customer assistance is not something Wal-Mart customers in other cities have to deal with. At least not to the same extent as we do. The retail giant's behavior tells me that it obviously values and respects shoppers at its Laredo stores  less than it does shoppers nationwide. Woefully, the same can be said of most national stores/franchises found locally.

One consistent thing I've found is that compaining at the local level gets little if no results. The only way that you even stand a chance at getting some sort of response is by voicing your concerns at the corporate level. This could be a district or regional office and not necessarily the national headquarters. What I have done in the past is call a business's 800 number. You can usually get the number from the place itself or it's website.  I would also recommend that you mention that this double standard of customer service reflects very poorly on their business brand. Even if they can't promies you better local service next time around, they usually make it a point to take care of your specific problem in a satisfactory manner. The only way to force a change locally is for people to call often and consistently. Don't keep your fingers crossed, but it's a lot better than just griping about it at the local level.   


  1. Most native Laredoans have given up complaining because it hasnt helped inthe past

  2. That's because complaining is ALL they do. No one realizes that when you point a finger at someone there are four pointing back at you. Many native Laredoans are in the service industry - what are they doing to make sure the work they do is the best? Excellence and service should be something everyone strives for, not just complain about.

  3. Basic civility would go a long way. Greeting, being polite and courteous, not in a phony way, nomas lo que es natural.

  4. Many native Laredoans will complain to each other but not to a person in authority. They are just bitching. It often is a nonnative who will speak up