Friday, January 21, 2011

Language: Menu embellishment always means you're going to pay more

Yes, I'll have your perfectly prepared minted snow peas
You can always tell how much you're going to pay at a restaurant by how much work they put into embellishing their menu. If your menu starts talking about minted snow peas, freshly chopped asian greens, or generous portions of tender, hand-pulled pork basted in our finest wine sauce, you better either get out of there or check your credit limit right away.

Or how about this following masterpiece or word-weaving ; Thin-sliced smoked turkey, Genoa salami, melted Havarti cheese, homemade italian spiced pepperoncini and caper sauce piled on toasty Italian bread. That's taken verbatim out of a local restaurant's menu and it comes with a fittingly exquisite price as well. Next time, you go out to eat, count the adjectives and if they exceed the nouns (food), pull out your calculator and figure out just how much per adjective you're going be scalped for. Happy dining.

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