Sunday, January 30, 2011

LISD to decide on layoffs in April, State's final budget due until May

Who knows, maybe they'll just layoff the students

We've all heard the saying, timing is everything. In the case of LISD, it means that the district will have to decide on job cuts about a month before the state's budget is even out. Superintendent Marcus Nelson made it official that LISD fully expects to have to "let go" some employees due the the ongoing budget cuts affecting most of the nation's schools. April is when the district issues its employees next school year's contracts. Sadly, that is also when those who will not be returning will find out their fate.

Without the state's final numbers, it will be difficult to know exactly just how many jobs to cut. Chances are that LISD and other districts will elect to play it safe and cut as many jobs as they can.  In other words, more jobs than necessary might result being eliminated. As big as the cuts on the horizon are looming, even essential, indispensable jobs will not be safe. Hopefully, Dr. Nelson and the recently overhauled board of trustees will look at creative ways of cutting spending with minimal impact to the classroom. Let's also hope that they use painstaking measures to ensure that no more cuts than is absolutely necessary are asked for.  

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