Thursday, January 20, 2011

WBCA kicks off with Tequila Tasting event

Se va y se corre.......con El Borracho!

 Almost universally, good ideas have their detractors. Many will say that something is an excellent idea......if only it weren't for a minor thing or two. The Webb County Bar Association is sponsoring a WBCA event that has some good ideas going for it, sprinkled with a dose of the opposite for good measure. Tonight, at the LEA, the association is holding it's Noche de Agave to raise some scholarship money for both TAMIU and LCC. Who can argue with that? The recently announced cuts to scholarship funding for higher education makes these type of events all the more necessary. At $100 a ticket, the estimated 200-300 expected guests should bring in anywhere from twenty to thirty thousand dollars. Congratulations to the Webb County Bar Association for helping make college possible for our future leaders.

Now that I've actually said something positive, let me comment on the means of arriving at such laudable ends. Noche de Agave sounds like a very cultured and refined social gathering. The name would be something that we'd expect the late Ricardo Montalban to say in his distinguished Spanish accent. Yet, when you peer through the polished optics a bit, it still in essence a tequila drinking event. Of course, caution will be taken to pour carefully measured shots or otherwise the event would not make any money. Yet, the fact remains that tequila has a strong alcoholic content (Hic) and some of those who are partaking of it might just try to drive home themselves. Let's hope that they plan on how to get home safely for everyone's sake. Also,  it would be nice if the Laredo PD would happen to drive around the LEA parking lot as it starts getting close to midnight just in case someone does a little too much imbibing.

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