Monday, January 31, 2011

The Eyes of Texas are upon you : Webbgate

Our elected officials swear they will uphold the law: Will Webbgate tell us otherwise?

Well, ok maybe the eyes of Texas aren't all upon Laredo, but the eyes of the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs sure are. I remember last year when I first read that there was going to be some funding available for weatherizing homes for qualifying Laredoans. I even made it a point to mention it to people whom I thought might be helped by the program. After a few weeks, when I asked whether they had called CAA about applying, I was told something to the effect of "No, dicen que no calificamos/ No, they said we don't qualify". I recall being puzzled and wondering to myself, then who is qualified?  Well, as it turns out, those who  did qualify were apparently mostly those who happened to be in cahoots with one of our Webb elected officials or another.

It's sickening (is that too strong a word?) to think of how, when federal or state funding allocations are announced, the drooling begins among those at the county with the power to abuse the system. They don't go about seeing  how they can help their constituents. Instead, their focus is on how they can help themselves. They know who they are and maybe once the FBI is done with their investigation, the rest of us will know also. In the meantime, the reluctant Webb county commissioner's court will have to decide who gets to be the new CAA Chieftain. Laredo will be watching closely. Whom they select will say a lot about whether they are planning to come clean or if they're planning on continuing their crooked ways.


  1. ...and what about the crooked councilmen at the city? Is our beloved mayor keeping the FBI out to keep them from scrutiny??

  2. Maybe the FBI will figure "mmm as long as we're in town, let's go over to city hall". If that happens, pow!