Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wade Watch: Webb GOP chairman Blair, Wade defend republican initiatives

Radio host Tom Wade on 1090AM's Wake Up Laredo had GOP county republican chairman Randy Blair as his guest this morning. Together, they spent roughly about 40 minutes of the show defending a couple of republican initiatives that have stirred some controversy in Austin.

The first issue they took up was the Voter ID legislation that passed in the Texas Senate last night strictly along party lines. Republican state senators voted 19-11 to pass the new law which requires all Texans wanting to vote to present a picture ID before being able to do so. Wade and Blair both thought this an excellent idea. Obviously, they don't see the connection to past measures such as the poll tax and other barriers that used to prevent many from voting until they were all eventually ruled unconstitutional. It's yet to be seen whether this latest attempt at disenfranchisement will pass constitutional muster.

Next, Wade asked Blair to offer his take on the almost-sacred Texas rainy day fund. Blair made a sensible argument at first by saying that it's important that Perry proclaimed the fund as off-limits so as to force Texas lawmakers to work harder to find ways to cut waste and unnecessary spending from the state's budget. The problem with this argument is that the cuts have already transcended the cutting of  unnecessary spending and are now carving into essential, necessary spending such as funds for schools and health services.

I think that Wade and Blair's views clearly outline how many fiscal conservatives think. They start off by making sensible arguments for responsible spending but just don't know where to stop. How can it be more important to leave the 9.3 Billion dollar rainy day fund intact and cut the pre-kindergarten programs throughout the state to half a day. How many working parents are going to have to either stop working or loose hours of work because their kids won't be able to be at school all day long?

Incidentally, I want to thank Wade for providing a link to laredotejas on his website. Gracias!


  1. I didn't see a link to Laredotejas on Wake Up Laredo. Maybe there is another website he runs??

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