Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm whitling down my vocabulary

I realize that I, as do others, have a tendency to maybe recycle certain words to a certain extent. See? what did I tell you? So, since I've expressed dislike for a few select words in past posts, I may whittling down my vocabulary as a result. I know I've taken jabs at  like, cool, awesome, rock (as a verb) and most recently brand/branding. I guess before I become a minimalist with words, I should take advantage of working these into my own writing. I'm sure I could find instances where I could use them. For example, I could say :

"I, like, really think it's cool and awesome that the City of Laredo wants to rock itself  a new brand. I mean, I'm like.... cool!"

On second thought, where's my thesaurus?

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