Monday, January 24, 2011

Laredotejas applauds Richard Raymond's bill that would eliminate Lone Star junk food purchases

Let me have a 3-liter Coke. What? what you mean I can't....ok , a gallon of milk then.

A contingency of City of Laredo officials is now up in Austin lobbying on assorted issues that impact our community. Texas state representative Richard Raymond is also sponsoring a new bill that, if passed, could drastically improve the diet  of many of Laredo's poorest children. Specifically, Raymond's bill would prohibit the current practice of allowing many types of junk food purchases with the Lone Star card. This would help ensure that those families on food stamps spend more on real food instead of on sweets such as sodas and candies. We, at laredotejas sincerely applaud Mr. Raymond's efforts and wish him success. A couple of months ago, we had a post on exactly this subject. The following appeared on our blog on Nov.10,2010.

 Now, how about getting behind an initiative that will make an even greater difference to those most in need. I am referring to kids whose parents qualify for the Lone Star Card (Food Stamps). Now, I'm not too worried about the adults, they can fend for themselves. However, the kids rely on the adults in the picture to look out for their nutritional best interests. Unfortunately, they, and the government, are failing them big-time. As long as candies, sodas, potato chips and other assorted junk foods are allowed to be purchased with Lone Star, the children's nutritional needs are being sabotaged. This practice also encourages obesity. Kids will be kids, they don't know any better. But the parents should know better and Texas should definitely have enough compassion for these kids to prohibit  any junk food from being purchased with food stamps.

What a shame! What a mis-use of resources. What a lobbying power the Texas junk food industry must have! 

Once again, congratulations to representative Raymond for his support of practical solutions. Texans, today face many challenges today and childhood obesity if definitely one of them. Let's hope this bill passes.

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  1. Great idea, the only question is what will be the definition of junk food. It might seem obvious but hey when it comes to laws and legal terms you know there will be push back.