Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Webb County's Sheriff Dept. is sky high on Terre-Hawk

It looks like the Webb County Sheriff's department is having success with it's "HAWK" elevated surveillance unit. Tonight on Pro8news, they were showing some of the capabilities of the high-riding command center. It turns out they can even record anything they have under surveillance to be used as possible evidence.
What I couldn't figure out is : Why don't they camouflage the Hawk? If it's already successful as it is, can you imagine if it was completely in stealth-mode? Maybe they can dress it up as a traffic light. Or as a political billboard (wait elections are over). How about an advertisement for a worthy cause like "don't drink and drive". My prediction is that if they took that extra time to doctor it up to look more inconspicuous, they could descend practically right on top of the criminals.

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