Tuesday, January 18, 2011

UISD, LISD need strong leadership as budget woes continue

Oye!  Me pelucaron ! (Yikes, I've been scalped)
Budget woes at both Laredo school districts continue to make headlines. The issue will continue to be at the center of controversy as the state of Texas looks at places to cut. For the most part, the sectors of the government being considered for cuts are unfortunately : public education, higher education and human & health services. More specifically, talk of possible teacher cuts has gotten a lot of press. UISD is about to implement a hiring freeze and LISD will probably follow suit.

In light of the economic pressures currently bearing down on our public schools, it's time for a strong show of leadership. This includes leading the fight to retain as many of the personnel & services which impact the classroom directly. It also includes a certain amount of self-sacrifice on the part of of our two Superintendents. Such actions would definitely be good for morale. Also, Supts. Santo & Nelson would probably get a great deal more support and cooperation  if they voluntarily cut back their salaries. Even their taking a 5 or 10 percent cut would send a strong message to the rank and file that all employees, across the pay scale are in the fight together. Failing to do so, will certainly lead to increased criticism  and unrest if and when teacher cuts actually begin.


  1. You know, I was going to write about Nelson and his latest renewal of contract. He decided not to accept a raise since he said he thought the school district could use it more. I thought that was cool - not exactly a pay cut but it is something.

  2. OOPS see? I didnt hear about that part. I'll have lto edit my post give Nelson credit.

  3. they should do something about UISD, kudos to mr. Nelson at LISD this is the type of people we need to manage our districts.

    With the 300k mr. Santos is making plus the incentives he earns that nobody from the public knows should be a shame, why can't they star by retiring? there is people in UISD earning more that 100k a year with more than 20+ years of experience that can retire, starting like i said with the superintendent Santos, and instead of hiring a new Super just promote or pick one of the 100k to run the district, by this only if that person do a good job the he/she can start earning the good money, isn't that what we want?