Friday, January 21, 2011

McAllen seeks to expand Mall "Big Time"

McAllen's mall fixin' to get bigger

From the McAllen Monitor
Mayor Richard Cortez announced a 160,000-square foot expansion of La Plaza Mall during his State of the City address Thursday. No other details were given about the addition, which would house “new, unique and upscale shops.” Simon Property Group, which owns La Plaza, couldn’t immediately be reached for comment Thursday morning.

Simon considers La Plaza one of its most successful regional malls, and the sprawling shopping center generates substantial sales tax revenue for McAllen. City leaders have sought to help Simon expand La Plaza for years, and Cortez has talked about the expansion during several State of the City speeches, including his 2008 address.

For more detail about Simon’s operations in the McAllen area, check this story. Simon Property Groups’ website also offers very detailed information about its local holdings.


  1. If they are opening a tall women's shop, I am just going to move to McAllen. Forget these same-ol', same-ol' Laredo stores.

  2. Great for McAllen! In the meantime our leaders are fighting about how and who can help create a better image. I think the root of the problem is the control the public sector has over this; maybe the private should take the lead. In the meantime, I suggest we become more active in demanding accountability from City and County leadership by calling them up publicly and with these type of forums each time they overlook the greater good of Laredo.

  3. Accountability is a must. They seem offended whenever we dare ask a question- or question their motives. Thanks for reading & for the comment

  4. Who cares? Laredo and the Rio Grande valley will lose a lot of Mexican shoppers thanks to the cartel war in Tamaulipas and all the Tamaulipas highway massacres. Soon no one will want to travel on Tamaulipas / Nuevo Leon highways.


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